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Since the day I've started with being a photographer in 1980 I have been fascinated by music photography. In those days I have made pictures from music legends in the early stages of their careers  such as Ike and Tina together,  Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynot,  Anne Lennox in The Tourists, Little Feat with Lowell George, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Vanhalen with David Lee Roth, the first festival gigs of the Police, the debut  tour of Dire Straits an so on.

In the mid eighties I've stopped with professional photography to work in the music industry as artist manager and artist promoter. The only pictures I've made in this period were from artists I worked with and for their artwork.

But since 1995 I have picked up the professional work again and became the photographer for Universal Music The Netherlands. CD and DVD artwork photography I have made for Marco Borsato, Guus Meeuwis, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Lionel Richie, Live, Laura Fygi, DeeDee Bridgewater, Toots Thielemans a.o.

Besides of that I opened my own studio. Now I am a freelance photographer / photojournalist with experience in a wide variety of photography including public relations, advertising, press and magazine photography, events, corporate, annual reports, photos for websites and portraits.

Altough my specialication is music, that doesn't mean that my photography is unilateral. A lot of my work is in a low light ambiance like a theatre or indoor events, but another specialication resulting the music photography is remote camera steering. With this technique it is possible to make pictures from a distance up to 25 meters or a height up to 15 meters with a live view on the camera. This brings a large number of new possibilities and new perspectives in the photography of, for examples, real estate and/or travel.

Please, have a look in the gallery's and you will see that I can help you with every photographic wish you might have. Every project is different. Please contact me to discuss your specific photo. I will accept work worldwide. 

Thanx for visiting this site and the interest for my work.

Loe Beerens