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All photos are the property of Loe Beerens, and may not be used in any form without the express permission of the photographer.

Loe Beerens

Use of photos in print by commercial and non-commercial organizations

You should contact me with a proposal (sending e-mail is OK).
Please describe the use of image and suggest the price you feel comfortable paying for it.

Though non-profit organizations will normally be allowed to use my photos for free in their free publications, they also have to contact me first.

All images are available as high-resolution  and can be delivered electronically (FTP, e-mail) or mailed on CD.

Important Note:
Please note that I do not have model releases from any of the people in my photos, I cannot give permission for non-editorial commercial use of any photos containing recognizable faces.
I may grant permission for commercial use of the remaining photos

Images available from this Web site are generally NOT of high enough resolution for use in printed media.
You will receive a full-resolution file after we agree on the price or after you get my permission for publication. Please use the large file sent to you and never JPEGs downloaded from my site.

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